Explore. Observe. Photograph. Create.

Preserving cherished memories of people and places through fine art photography and digital composition.



As a photographer and artist, Anne has experimented with a variety of art media over the years. She realized her passion for photography shortly after giving birth to twins. As with many parents, she became caught up in photographing the milestone moments of her sons’ early years. As chair of their elementary school yearbook, she photographed children in classrooms and on the playground. At her sons’ sporting events, she captured her sons’ candid moments in action... then found herself capturing those moments for teammates, friends and acquaintances as well. Finally, she taught preschool part-time where she shared memorable moments with parents through photography.


She continually worked at honing her photography skills through classes, webinars, books and more. She has since expanded into new photographic genres and continues to explore. Anne realizes that the learning process is ongoing and loves every minute of it!


Anne’s most notable photography project, to date, began in 2013 as a year-long urban exploration adventure. Her initial goals were to seek out the artistic in every day scenes and to cultivate new techniques and skills. She enjoyed the year so much that she decided to continue and expand her project beyond 2013. She now explores both urban and suburban neighborhoods of her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri in a project called Around Town STL.


“I’ve lived in St. Louis my entire life but continue to discover new things about the city. Meeting new people is the best part. I love hearing their experiences and am thrilled when a photograph brings back memories, or encourages someone to visit a new destination. St. Louis really has a lot to offer!”


Is there a neighborhood or site that you’d like photographed? Contact Anne and let her know why. Or, just click Around Town STL to see for yourself all that St. Louis has to offer.


Anne's photography may occasionally be seen at galleries and artistic venues around the St. Louis metropolitan area. Click the link for current locations.