Explore. Observe. Photograph. Create.

Preserving cherished memories of people and places through fine art photography and digital composition.


As a photographer and artist, Anne has experimented with a variety of art media over the years. She realized her passion for photography soon after her twins were born. As with many parents, she became caught up in photographing the milestone moments of her sons’ early years. As chair of their elementary school yearbook, she photographed children in classrooms and on the playground. At her sons’ sporting events, she captured her sons’ candid moments in action... then found herself capturing those moments for teammates, friends and acquaintances as well. Finally, she taught preschool part-time where she shared memorable moments with parents through photography.


She left her preschool position in 2013 and has filled her time since with photography. She particularly enjoys family and high school senior portraiture, as well as architectural, landscape and travel photography. She has donated photography to her sons' high school and to other charitable organizations. Anne loves to explore the attractions and neighborhoods of her home town of St. Louis. She calls her explorations #MyCitySTL and has shown selected fine art photography in exhibitions and galleries throughout the St. Louis area.